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This section contains records from the city of St. Augustine, and the counties of St. Johns and Putnam in Florida.  The records were transcribed from original or microfilm copies of originals in the St. Augustine Historical Society as well as from local churches, funeral homes and cemeteries.


Members of the St. Augustine Genealogical Society should note the records were transferred from, an older and soon to be retired website.  All records listed under the Florida Records section of that website are now available here.  However, the organization on this site is by type of record instead of location or source as on


Moving the records to this new website allows the information to be more clearly displayed, easier to access and findable by internet searches.  In addition, name search functions are being added to the larger records collections.  The web search function Ctrl+F will not work on record collections with multiple pages as this function only searches what is displayed on the screen.

Please note that this section is still under construction.  Although all the information has been transferred from, the screens, navigation, and search functions may change as development continues. 

Over 9,300 birth, baptism and confirmation records from Memorial Presbyterian, Minorcan, St. Augustine Cathedral, St. Leopoldi, and Trinity Episcopal.

Information and surveys of cemeteries in St. Johns County, Florida and Putnam County, Florida.  Also several cemeteries in Kentucky, Illinois and Ohio.

Over 1,100 names from Memorial Presbyterian list of Deacons, Elders, Pastors, and Trustees and Trinity Episcopal Parishioners Book 4 and Book 4 Additional Parishioners.

St. Augustine Occupational Licenses for 1887-1903.  Over 3,000 names are listed.

Extracts from various sources in the St. Augustine area from the 1800s.

A collection of family group sheets for St. Augustine now available at the St. Augustine Historical Society.

The Mortality Schedule enumerated deaths that occurred during the census year: June 1, 1884, to May 31, 1885.

Marriage records from Memorial Presbyterian, Minorcan, St. Ambrose, St. Augustine Cathedral, St. Leopoldi, and Trinity Episcopal.  Marriage license and bond records from St. Johns County.  Over 4,500 marriage records.

City Directories

St. Augustine City Directories by name or directory year 1885-1886, 1899 and 1904.  Over 5,400 names.

Index of over 4,400 obituaries from funeral homes in Clay, Duval, Putnam and St. Johns Counties.

Railway Employee Lists

Florida East Coast Railway Employees from 1912 to 1957.  Halifax Railway Employees from 1893.  Over 12,000 rows taken from payroll date.

Florida Biographical Index

The Florida Biographical Index is a listing of Biographies of notable Floridians contained in various publications.  There are over 8,400 rows available by name or publication.

Several documents on military history in the St Augustine area from 1863 to World War I.

Over 67,000 death and internment records from Memorial Presbyterian, St. Ambrose Parish, St. Augustine Cathedral, Trinity Episcopal and St. Johns County. 

 Over 2,600 names on the St. Augustine Voter Registration 1890-1916 List.

Obituary Index from Times-Herald and Palatka Daly News.  1,800 names.

Court Records

Over 3,000 names indexed from St. Johns County Probate and Court Records and the  Minute Book of the St Augustine Council Meetings from August 27th 1821 to December 29 1823 with additional information from the Board of Health.

A List of Inhabitants of EAST FLORIDA at the beginning of the English Period when the land was ceded to England in 1763 by The Treaty of Paris. 

Several documents from the beginning date for the St. Johns County School Board April 30, 1869.

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