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Family Group Sheets of Some St. Augustine Families

This information is provided by the St. Augustine Genealogical Society for genealogical research purposes only.

The Family Group Sheets are located at the St. Augustine Historical Society. The original lists are in pencil on school-book, three-ring binder paper. The original author is not known. The sheets were numbered sequentially by the compile. A list of Family Group Sheets was transcribed by C. Mack Wills during the period from December 2009 through January 2010.

There were a total of 447 Family Group Sheets. The attached lists are the Family Group Sheets of the husband and wife as shown on the Family Group Sheet with the birth dates, where known, of the husband and wife, and the marriage date, also where known.

A second grouping, called the Auxiliary Group Sheets, was made of the other names on the Family Group Sheets, including the names of the parents of the Family Group individuals, the names of their children with their birth and death dates, and the marriage dates and spouses of these children where shown.

An example of one of these sheets, Family Group Sheet 22, is provided to show how they were constituted and to give an example to use when using the attached listings.

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