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St. Johns County Public School History

This information is provided by the St. Augustine Genealogical Society for genealogical research purposes only.

No information on where this information was obtained from or by who.

While there are many beginning dates in our historic town of St. Augustine and St. Johns County, the beginning date for the St. Johns County School Board was April 30, 1869. The first chairman of the school board was N. D. Benedict and the first Superintendent was O. Bronson.

Schooling for both white and African-American students had existed before this date and can be documented well back into the Spanish periods. However, for the purposes of this page we will use 1862 as the beginning of African-American education in St. Johns County and 1832 as the beginning of white education.


Peabody School Aviles St. (old Hospital St)

Peabody School -Peabody School Class circa 1909 -

1ST Row: Harrington Wilson, Unknown, Lawrence Mickler, Troy Haigler, Kevin Wilson, Freddy Shuggart, Arnold Melcher, Will Hutson, Fred Kirtland, Ray Dodd, George Ritchie -

2ND Row: Alline Hellier, Carrie Backer , Helen Bennett, Jenny Dodd, Elrina Gibson, Cloria McGinnis, Mary Pinkham Pacetti, Helen deMedeus, Marjorie Walton, Katie Mae Branett, Carl Mabeley, Earl Blue -

3RD Row: Lucilli Center, Josephine Whetstone, H Mullettir, S Pomar, Unknown, Sheriden Owen,Harry Genovar, Gordson Pellier, Emmett McWilliams, Unknown, Gabriel Lee, Unknown -

TOP ROW: Sprague Finley, Reid Guyon, Unknwon, Mary Fuller, Maud Davis, Naomi Barnes, Unknown, Unknown, John Stokes

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