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The Library section has information on the Society publications and archives.

Ancient City Bulletin


The Ancient City Bulletin was published from January 2016 to July 2020. Each issue is listed with its feature content and the link to download a PDF copy. Paper copies can be viewed at the Southeast Branch Library.

Ancient City Bulletin July-2020

  • The Society Page

  • Introducing Tumblr

  • Genealogy and MeWe

  • Unravelling Old Family Stories

  • Florida Memory Update

  • Flickr for Family History

  • Society Services

Ancient City Bulletin – April 2020

  • The Society Page

  • The Family History Guide

  • Genealogy and MeWe

  • Affordable Research

  • Journaling With Day One

  • Society Services

  • Publishing Guidelines

Ancient City Bulletin – January 2020

  • The Society Page

  • Where Families Live Forever

  • Digital Public Library of America

  • A Man of the Sea

  • Writing for the Future

  • ThruLines: Boom or Bust?

  • Society Services

  • Publishing Guidelines

Ancient City Bulletin – October 2019

  • The Society Page

  • Journaling Your Family History

  • Flickr for Family Historians

  • Reimagine the Scrapbook

  • Danish Pastries – Part II

  • Chipping Away At My Brick Wall

  • Society Services

  • Publishing Guidelines

Ancient City Bulletin – July 2019

  • The Society Page

  • Research Notes

  • Ideas for the Family History Faire

  • Research on the Road

  • U.S. Census & the Citizenship Question

  • Society Services

  • Publishing Guidelines

Ancient City Bulletin – April 2019

  • The Society Page

  • Special Interest Groups

  • Member Margaret Nicholson: “Publish” Your Ancestry Story

  • The FamilySearch Digital Library

  • Research With Notes

  • Society Services

  • Publishing Guidelines

Ancient City Bulletin – January 2019

  • The Society Page

  • Getting Organized

  • Famicity – A Beautiful Family Network

  • Future-Proof Your Family History

  • Build Your Own Online Archive

  • Society Services

  • Out of the Closet

Ancient City Bulletin – October 2018

  • The Society Page

  • Are You A Collaborator?

  • Notes Management

  • Kindex – Archives for All

  • Build A Heritage Cookbook With Paprika

  • Society Services

  • Publishing Guidelines

Ancient City Bulletin – Jul 2018

  • Out of the Closet

  • The Society Page

  • Editorial Notes: When History Gets Personal

  • Research Toolbox: Where Families Live Forever

  • In the Archives: Digital Public Library of America

  • Member Story: The Huguenot Cemetery

  • Storytellers Studio: The Family News Center

  • Society Services

Ancient City Bulletin – Jun 2018

  • Editorial Notes: Changes

  • Research Toolbox: Build Your Own Research Library at Internet Archive

  • In the Archives: Protecting Your Research

  • Storytellers Studio: Grab Their Attention with LifeCards

  • Out of the Closet

Ancient City Bulletin – May 2018

  • Editorial Notes: Research on the Road

  • Research Toolbox: Organize Your Research With Simplenote

  • In the Archives: Are You A Collaborator?

  • Storytellers Studio: A Diary for the Digital Age

Ancient City Bulletin – Apr 2018

  • Editorial Notes: Going Social

  • Research Toolbox: MeWe Social Network

  • In the Archives: WeRelate

  • Storytellers Studio: Famicity

SAGS Bulletin – Mar 2018

  • Editorial Notes: Conference Recap

  • Research Toolbox: Flipboard

  • In the Archives: Create a Personal Photo Archive at Flickr

  • Storytellers Studio: The Family News Center

SAGS Bulletin – Feb 2018

  • Editorial Notes: North Florida Genealogy Conference

  • Research Toolbox: Family Search Mobile Apps

  • In the Archives: Ancestry Research Guides

  • Storytellers Studio: Scribd

SAGS Bulletin – Jan 2018

  • Editorial Notes: The Family History Guide

  • Research Toolbox: RootsFinder

  • In the Archives: The University of Florida Libraries

  • Storytellers Studio: Introducing Storytellers Studio

Ancient City Bulletin – Dec 2017

  • Editorial Notes: The Story of Things

  • Research Toolbox: The Joys of Geneablogging

  • In the Archives: GenealogyBank

SAGS Bulletin – Nov 2017

  • Editorial Notes: SAGS Community Research Center

  • Research Toolbox: Journaling in the 21st Century

  • In the Archives: Find A Grave Update

Ancient City Bulletin – Oct 2017

  • Research Toolbox: Facebook and Genealogical Research

  • In the Archives: FamilySearch Worldwide Indexing Event

  • Digital Toolbox: Webinars, Hangouts and YouTube

Ancient City Bulletin – Sep 2017

  • Research Toolbox: Building a Digital Research Library

  • In the Archives: The Personal Archive

  • Digital Toolbox: Get Creative with Twile

Ancient City Bulletin – Aug 2017

  • Research Toolbox: Managing Multiple Email Accounts

  • In the Archives: Local Histories at the Internet Archive

Ancient City Bulletin – July 2017

  • Research Toolbox: Notes Management

  • In the Archives: NARA Guide for Genealogists and Family Historians

Ancient City Bulletin June 2017

  • Research Toolbox: Research on the Road

  • In the Archives: Sanborn Fire Maps

Ancient City Bulletin May 2017

  • Research Toolbox: Disaster Preparedness

  • In the Archives: SAGS Archives Update

  • Editorial Notes: SAGS Online

Ancient City Bulletin April 2017

  • Research Toolbox: Research on the Road

  • In the Archives: Billion Graves

  • Editorial Notes: The Genealogy Social

Ancient City Bulletin March 2017

  • Research Toolbox: Scanning Basics

  • In the Archives: MyHeritage

  • Editorial Notes: Timelines

Ancient City Bulletin February 2017

  • Research Toolbox: Facebook

  • In the Archives: Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection

Ancient City Bulletin January 2017

  • Research Toolbox: Managing Passwords

  • In the Archives: Spanish Land Grants

  • Editorial Notes: Genealogy in the Digital Age

Ancient City Bulletin December 2016

  • Research Toolbox: FTM End-of-Year Update

  • In the Archives: American Ancestors

  • Member Denise Olson: Twinkle Lights

  • Editorial Notes: New Years Resolutions

Ancient City Bulletin November 2016

  • Research Toolbox: Protect Your Photos with Flickr

  • In the Archives: The Commons on Flickr

  • Member Denise Olson: Five Brothers

Ancient City Bulletin October 2016

  • November Elections

  • Research Toolbox: The WordPress Reader

  • In the Archives: Digital Library of Georgia

  • Editorial Notes: Sharing Our Past

Ancient City Bulletin September 2016

  • Research Toolbox: PDF for Research and Publishing

  • In the Archives: FamilySearch

  • Editorial Notes: Writing for the Future

Ancient City Bulletin August 2016

  • Research Toolbox: Maintaining Your Research

  • In the Archives: City Directories at the Internet Archive

  • Editorial Notes: Cool Connections

Ancient City Bulletin July 2016

  • Research Toolbox: The Web Browser

  • In the Archives: Chronicling America

  • Editorial Notes: A Little Inspiration

Ancient City Bulletin June 2016

  • Research Toolbox: WorldCat

  • In the Archives: PERSI – the Periodical Source Index

  • Member Denise Olson: The Strange Story of the Picolata Cemetery

  • Editorial Notes: Cyndi’s List

Ancient City Bulletin May 2016

  • Research Toolbox: Research on the Road

  • In the Archives: Fold3

  • Member Bruce Ramsey: Becoming a Citizen Twice

Ancient City Bulletin April 2016

  • Research Toolbox: Notes Management

  • In the Archives: Florida Memory

  • Member Denise Olson: Cherokee Roses

Ancient City Bulletin Mar 2016

  • Research Toolbox: Writing for the Future

  • In the Archives: Making of America

  • Member Bruce Ramsey: Skeletons in the Closet

Ancient City Bulletin Feb 2016

  • Research Toolbox: Research Delivered: The Newsreader

  • In the Archives: Stars & Stripes

Ancient City Bulletin Jan 2016

  • Research Toolbox: The Importance of a Research Email Account

  • In the Archives: Internet Archive

  • Member Bob Burns: Research Cousins on a Quest

Ancient City Genealogist

The Ancient City Genealogist was the quarterly journal of the St. Augustine Genealogical Society. It began publication in March 1990 and continued until November 2012. You can find copies of these journals at the St. Johns Public Library Southeast Branch at 6670 US 1 South, St. Augustine, Florida 32086.  

Ancient City Genealogist Index

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