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Research Notes – Special Edition

This special edition of Research Notes introduces the WordPress Reader – a feature that makes it easy to stay connected with society staff and members between meetings. Using the Reader, not only can you follow the latest updates from SAGS Support, you can also participate in the SAGS Writers Group and other interesting genealogical sites.

WordPress Reader

When you follow a link to SAGS Suppport from one of the Research Notes email messages, you will see a page similar to this one. Notice the Reader icon at the top of the screen. That will open your Reader.

WordPress Reader view

This is what the Reader looks like. When you open the Reader, the most recent post from the sites you follow (more on that in a minute) appears. The left sidebar has tools to help you find, follow and organize content from the sites you like. WordPress knows who you are because this is a members-only site and when we set you up with your email subscription, you also received access to the Reader. The Reader makes it possible to follow multiple sites without getting information overload and you can easily save interesting articles for later reference – all in the Reader.

Most posts are first presented with just an excerpt of their content like the one you see above. Click on the title to view the entire article. At the bottom of the article – in both excerpt and full view – you see several icons offering more functions. Using these icons you can reblog this article, post a comment or question, like a post and more. When you “like” a post, a copy of it is saved in your My Likes section. Just click on My Likes in the sidebar to review any of the posts you’ve saved.

We have discussed the Reader in your web browser, but you can also choose to use the free WordPress app on your desktop and/or mobile devices. You’ll find the mobile apps at Google Play or Apple’s app store. The desktop apps – for Windows, Mac and Linux – can be downloaded at WordPress Apps.

Why are we focused on the Reader? It makes it easy for members to keep up with society news and research tips but it also makes it possible to provide support between meetings. With these tools we can offer services – like special interest groups – so members can participate from home when it is convenient for them.

Speaking of special interest groups . . . you are all invited to join our Writers Group. Sure it offers writing support, but our focus is much broader than that. We’re focusing on all kinds of creative ways to share the family stories our research discovers. This includes video, audio, photo slideshows and much more.

Once you’re in the Reader, adding the SAGS Writers Group to your reading list is easy.  In the sidebar, click on the Manage button, then enter the site address you see below in the search box. Once the Reader displays the site in the list, you just click on the Follow button you see on the right. Yes, it’s that easy.

Adding a new site

Want to learn more? Stop by the Member Guides page at SAGS Support to view a video demonstration of the WordPress Reader as well as the downloadable SAGS Support guide.

If you have any questions or need help, drop me a note at

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