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Research Notes 2021-1-4

Research Notes

In the genealogy world January is generally the month for cleaning up and organizing our research. My goal for this month is to finish digitizing the family history of our Link family. The original was researched and written by my Link family aunts and cousins. It’s an impressive publication but it has some serious issues. The document was written on a typewriter and “published” in a copy center. There’s a table of contents but no index. Trying to find an ancestor in this large publication is quite an effort and the few photographs are pretty sad.

Fortunately, I’m not the only one wanting to give this family history the construction it deserves. I have Link cousins who are just as fascinated with our family history as I am. We all use FamilySearch and take advantage of the Family Tree, Collaborate and Memories elements to stay connected with each other. The Collaborate element is a place where we can post notes related to a person and the Discussions element is where we can share ideas.

I haven’t seen these research cousins in a long time, but thanks to FamilySearch we still stay in touch. I’m looking forward to “hanging out” with them at RootsTech Connect.


Have you registered for RootsTech 2021 yet? If you want a taste of RootsTech before you decide, check out some of the recorded sessions from previous RootsTech conferences. One very interesting presentation is Diana Elder’s Research Plans, Source Citations, and Research Logs, Oh My!  It’s just one of many great presentations – old and new. You will find this presentation at There are lots more!

Visit the RootsTech page to register for the conference. It’s completely free!


Are you familiar with Goodreads? It’s part library catalog and part social network. It’s the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations. What can you do with Goodreads? You can keep up with the books you are reading, have read or want to read. You can also join groups – which include genealogy groups – to discuss and recommend books.

Yes, Goodreads is designed to help you find the book – or books – you want. It’s main purpose is to generate revenue from purchases. That doesn’t mean it will cost you to use Goodreads to keep your personal library organized or to participate in groups, events and discussions. You can also meet authors like Betty Kreisel Shubert who’s Out-of-Style book helps us date an old photograph by looking at the style of their clothing.

If you are a book hound, Goodreads is a great way to keep your personal library organized.

Final Notes

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