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Research Notes 2020-12-21

Research Notes

Our family’s angel band has their own Christmas tree located where everyone can see them up close. Here you see the creche inside a walnut shell. Imagine the effort it took to create it.

This small tree and our Angel band has been with us for more than thirty years. It is extra special to us because many of these angels and other Christmas decorations were bought while we were stationed in what was then West Germany. They were created by East German families and sent to their families in the West to sell. The money raised from those sales were sent back to their families in the East.

We came back to the States on Independence Day 1989. We were glad to be home but we missed seeing the East and West reunited as one state in November 1989.

This story was created using the Day One journal app on my iPhone. It’s a delightful tool for capturing and saving little stories like this one. Day One can manage both little stories and big ones. Each journal entry is safely stored and protected yet they are also easily accessed when needed to share a story with others.

Want to learn more about journaling with Day One? Stop by the Day One website and see all the things you can do with this delightful storytelling tool.


Final Notes

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