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Research Notes 2020-7-6

This is going to be a short newsletter this week. We are enjoying a visit from our California family. It’s more than just a visit . . . we’re looking for properties so they can make Florida their new home.

There’s a new genealogy notebook app for managing your research notes. It’s called Genea and it’s available for iOS devices – iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It was designed to keep your research notes organized and separated from your family tree.


Instead of tedious typing to collect your notes, use Genea and you iPhone’s camera to capture the information. Yes, you can still write your notes too. With Genea you can organize your notes into notebooks and share those notes on social media. There’s also a search feature built into the app so you can quickly find information when you need it. They also include templates for organizing the information you are collecting into your notebooks.

Right now Genea is available at an introductory price of $1.99 – a 60% discount.


Another new and interesting resouce . . . MeWe just recently introduced Journals. This isn’t quite the journal we are used to . . . MeWe calls it the future of Photo and Video Albums. Here’s how they describe Journals . . .

The idea for Journals was born in the ascent of Stories. In recent years, Stories have become social media’s favored 24-hour lifecycle medium for creating and sharing brief videos of special moments and daily life events. With MeWe Journals, members can save, sort, and organize their favorite Stories beyond the moment – for a lifetime of memories and sharing.

What can you do with Journals? Here are a few options:

  1. Organize and aggregate your favorite photos and videos on your profile

  2. Sort stories by friends, family, topic, timeline or whatever suits you

  3. You control who can access/view your journals

  4. You can create up to 500 journals. Each journal can contain up to 1,000 stories.

MeWe Premium users ($4.99/month) have access to Journals at no extra cost. If you aren’t a Premium user, you can purchase it in the MeWe Store for $1.99/month.


Flickr users now have a fresh new styling for maps on Flickr. This gives their maps a number of nice touches that help tell the story of where in the world your photos were taken. This map imagery is being provided by the folks at Mapbox. These new maps will help tell the story of where in the world your stories were taken. This sounds like a genealogy dream! If you aren’t a Flickr user, this is one of many reasons why Flickr is so useful to genealogy researchers.

You can learn more at the Flickr blog.

Final Notes

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Sample of the “fine print” at the bottom of each post.

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