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Research Notes 2019-2-25

Did you know that FamilySearch also has a digital library? Not only that, it’s the largest genealogical library in the world.


You will find it at This library includes collections from a number of libraries including:

  1. The Genealogy Center at the Allen County Public Library

  2. Arizona State Library

  3. Family History Library

  4. Birmingham Public Library

  5. Dallas Public Library

  6. Historical Society of Pennsylvania

  7. Midwest Genealogical Center

  8. Onondaga County Public Library

  9. St. Louis County Library

  10. University of Florida Georgia A. Smothers Libraries

Use the search box on the main screen to begin your search. I searched for South Carolina Huguenots and got 278,409 results.


This screen shows what the results screen looks like. The public domain publications can be viewed and downloaded. There are many publications that are still under copyright and they will be listed with an access level of “Protected”.

There is a Full text results button under each item and a scanned title page on the right. Click the title page image to view a screen with more details about the publication – including whether it can be read online or downloaded as a PDF document. The online reader screen includes tools for searching within the publication, zoom in or out for better viewing and other features.

This impressive addition to online archives is a researcher’s delight. Unlike the Internet Archive, not everything in the FamilySearch Digital Library is public domain. You may have limited access or even no access to some of the publications, but don’t let that stop you. Use the details about the publication and to find a library near you where you can view the book.


The SAGS Members Network at is up and running just in time for RootsTech which kicks off Wednesday, February 27th. The Network is a private group only for members of the St. Augustine Genealogical Society. Throughout the conference we will be posting news, videos and other interesting conference tidbits to the group. The Network also includes a Group Chat section where you can share information and ask questions.

Beginning Wednesday morning, you can email your request to join the group to You will receive a response from MeWe that looks similar to the one you see on the left. Click the Join SAGS Members Network button and you will be taken to the login screen where you will set up your MeWe account. Once that’s done, MeWe will take you to your home page. Take a look around and see what MeWe has to offer, then click the Groups item on the top menu and you will see the SAGS Members Network in the group list. Click it and you will be taken to the group. Take a look around and get familiar with the group. Click on the Files item in the menu to download the Network guide.

MeWe also offers free mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices. Because of size limitations, these apps only display posts or chats. These are great for voice and video chats but don’t give you access to things like the photos and files libraries and tags (the digital equivalent to an index).


If you haven’t already, you can install the free RootsTech app (iOS and Android) on your phone or tablet. If you are wondering what good is having the conference app if you aren’t at the conference, here’s a couple of reasons. First is speaker handouts. Tap the open book icon at the bottom of the sidebar and you will see the sessions schedule. Select any session and you’ll see information about that session. Scroll down to the bottom of the session description and under the Resources heading you will find the handouts for that session. You can download those handouts in the app or email it to yourself.

Hmmmm . . . that speaker looks familiar.

Final Notes

Each new post published at SAGS Support is automatically emailed to member subscribers and/or delivered to their newsreader. Research Notes is published every Monday morning and other articles are posted during the week. Subscribers have the option to control how often these updates are delivered. Look down at the bottom of this message and you will find a Manage Subscriptions link in the fine print as you see in this example. Click it and you will be taken to the Subscription Management page. Use the Delivery Frequency column to change your delivery options from “Immediate” to either “Daily” or “Weekly”.

Sample of the “fine print” at the bottom of each post.

Also down at the bottom of each delivered post is a Comment button. If you would like to comment on something discussed in a post or ask a question, just click the Comment button and you will be taken online to the comment section of the post where you can share your thoughts and read what others have shared.

To learn more, download a copy of the SAGS Support Guide.

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