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Research Notes 2017-7-3

To celebrate Independence Day, there are several great deals offered by various genealogical archives and services. They include:

  1. Fold3 is offering free access to their Revolutionary War records from July 1 through July 15.

  2. Search and browse free among 1.4 BILLION names on, the award-winning website of NEHGS.

  3. Chronicling America – which is always freely accessible – has added even more historical newspapers to its collection. You can learn more about the collection and how to use newspapers as a research tool at The Ancestor Hunt.

Unfortunately, research deals such as these are often short notice announcements. Since this is only a weekly newsletter, these deals are over before we can present them. To give our members timely access to these deals, “short notice” events and other useful information, we are posting them on the society’s Facebook page. Follow the SAGS page (it’s not the SAGS group page) to receive notifications when new content is posted.

SAGS Facebook page

Book News

Are you familiar with Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited service? It’s a subscription service ($9.99/month) that allows you to read all the books you want for as long as you want. You will need a Kindle reader or the Kindle app installed on your desktop or device. Why is this interesting? Because at the moment there are more than 2,100 genealogy books included in the Kindle Unlimited service. You can have up to ten books “checked out” at one time. There’s no time limit – you can keep a book as long as you want. In addition, Amazon now owns Audible and many of those audio books are also available are part of your Unlimited subscription.

But there’s more . . . Both Kindle readers and Kindle apps make it possible to highlight useful text and add your own notes. These are automatically saved to your Kindle Highlights and Notes account and can be accessed online at any time – even after a book has been returned. That means you can highlight tips or information about outside sources and have them available whenever you need them.

Visit the Kindle Unlimited page at Amazon to learn more. They are offering a 30-day free trial so you can see if this is something that will help your research effort.


Korean War Memorial – Photo by Kim Vo via Flickr

A reminder for this Independence Day . . . Freedom isn’t free. Keep our military, first responders and all the people who work to keep us safe in your thoughts this week as we celebrate our country’s independence.

The Fine Print

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Fine Print

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