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Research Notes 2017-2-20

Today we are celebrating Washington’s birthday. George Washington was born February 11, 1731 but at that time the British Empire operated on the Julian calendar. They did not move to the Gregorian calendar until 1752 and because of that the anniversary of Washington’s birthday is a different date each year. When the US government made Washington’s birthday a federal holiday, they settled on the third Monday in February. Although there has been no formal change made, today the holiday celebrates all our country’s presidents and is known as Presidents Day.


If you missed the handouts from Jim Vearil’s presentation, you can download them at the

Speaker Handouts page in the SAGS Support Library. While you’re there, check out the back issues of the Ancient City Bulletin, our growing collection of Member Guides, our new Digital Library, and the Ancient City Genealogist index.


The February meeting kicked off something new – the short course. Each month after the featured presentation and Q&A, our Reseach Chair, Denise Olson, will present a quick class on a genealogy-related topic. Supporting handouts will be posted on the Speaker Handouts page. Saturday’s meeting demonstrated how to scan documents and photos with your mobile phone. The March short course demonstrates how to take advantage of Google Alerts to put your research on auto-pilot.

But that’s not all! Staff members will also be available after the meeting for one-on-one research support. Bob Burns, our past president and current Networking Chair, is your contact. If he can’t help you himself, he’ll get you connected to someone who can.


RootsTech has posted a number of video-taped presentations from the 2017 conference online.  You can check them out on the RootsTech home page. Also, as of today the RootsTech app is still available in the iOS App Store and on Google Play. Why is this interesting? Tap the Downloads icon to display a list of the handouts from every session. You can then download any handout you want as a PDF document.

RootsTech App

Some of the handouts available in the iOS app.

No idea how long this app or the downloads will be available so if you want them, you best do it sooner rather than later.


The Ancient City Bulletin invites members to submit family history stories, research tips, genealogy book reviews and app reviews for publishing in our monthly journal. Visit the Submission Guidelines page for information on formatting and submissions. Submissions for the March 2017 issue must be received no later than Monday, February 27th.

Society Calendar

Research Support

Members who have set up their account at SAGS Support now have access to research support any time. Visit the Research Support page to see how the site’s commenting system supports discussions any time. SAGS staff are notified when a comment has been posted and will reply as quickly as possible. In addition, you can scroll down the page until you find the research request form. Once submitted, society staff are automatically notified so they can review your research problem and respond with recommendations.


If you receive this newsletter every week, you have an account at SAGS Support.


The Fine Print

Each new post published at SAGS Support is automatically emailed to member subscribers and/or delivered to their newsreader. Research Notes is published every Monday morning and other articles are posted during the week. Subscribers have the option to control how often these updates are delivered. Look down at the bottom of this message and you will find a Manage Subscriptions link in the fine print as you see in this example. Click it and you will be taken to the Subscription Management page. Use the Delivery Frequency column to change your delivery options from “Immediate” to either “Daily” or “Weekly”.

Fine Print

Also down at the bottom of each delivered post is a Comment button. If you would like to comment on something discussed in a post or ask a question, just click the Comment button and you will be taken online to the comment section of the post where you can share your thoughts and read what others have shared.

To learn more, download a copy of the SAGS Support Guide on the Member Guides page at SAGS Support.

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