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Research Notes 2016-10-10


Most of us have been too busy cleaning up to realize that today is Columbus Day. After seeing the fury of this storm I have an even greater respect for our ancestors who came to the Americas in small wooden ships.

One interesting archive released by Findmypast for the Columbus Day weekend is Britain’s Registers of Licenses to Pass beyond the Seas 1573 – 1677 collection. It includes more than 27,000 searchable records along with scanned images of licenses for individuals traveling to Europe between 1573 and 1677 and registers related to individuals traveling to the Americas between 1634 and 1639. You’ll find details on this collection at Findmypast.

Although things aren’t looking good right now for rescheduling our October meeting, don’t let that keep you from enjoying Family History month. Looking for ideas to create eye-catching family trees? Take a look at Etsy! Here you’ll find some stunning design ideas and even designers who will create a beautiful tree just for you. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find . . .

Etsy ideas

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