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Research Notes 2016-09-19


Research Notes is our weekly update bringing you the latest happenings in the genealogical community. News, deals and upcoming events are delivered to St. Augustine Genealogical Society members via your inbox or newsreader every Monday morning.

The October meeting will be held Saturday, October 8th, beginning at 10:30am. Denise Olson is presenting an introduction to the Evernote notes platform with demonstrations on how it can revolutionize your research management.


For those members researching their Irish ancestors, Findmypast has added some new collections you might find interesting:

  1. Ireland Valuation Office Books offer various records used to assess the rental value of Irish property from the mid-1820s to the mid-1850s.

  2. Original Will Registers 1858-1920

  3. Catholic Qualification & Convert Rolls 1701-1845 lists Irish Catholics who swore loyalty to the crown or converted to Protestantism as a result of the Penal Laws of the 18th century.

  4. Irish Merchant Navy Crew Lists 1863-1921 consist of lists of men and women who served with the Merchang Navy along with detailed information for each. These lists also recorded marriages, engagements births and deaths at sea.


Arlene Eakle has posted a very interesting article on her blog discussing ways to “fortify” your research projects. I particularly like the timeline idea (including links to free timeline templates). See for yourself at Fortify Your Genealogy Research Projects.

Graphic - Family History Faire

The society board decided it was time to give our January “Show & Tell” a face lift. We want to turn it into a Family History Faire and we need your help. Start planning now on creative ways to Share Your Past. By the way . . . this is also a great opportunity to generate some genealogy interest in your family so bring them with you to see how fascinating family history can be.

We’ll offer some suggestions each Monday in Research Notes and hope you’ll share your ideas in the comments. Here’s one to get you started!


You may already be familiar with PowerPoint (for Windows) or Keynote (for Mac) as programs for building business presentations. You’ll be surprised to discover that they can also make some amazing digital scrapbooks. Scrapbooks are a great way to quickly capture someone’s attention. Combine a fascinating photo with a bit of text and see what happens. In this example, a request for a military record generated a delightful tribute to my maternal grandmother. The transcribed text tells most of the story. My short paragraph just set the stage.

One of these programs probably already resides on your computer. Maybe it’s time to take another look – with an eye for design instead of bullet points. For more ideas, check out the Keynote collection at Moultrie Creek Gazette.


REMINDER: Today is the deadline for submitting stories for the October issue of the Ancient City Bulletin.


Final Notes

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