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March Meeting Recap

It was a double whammy this month with Evernote and the Genealogy Gophers attracting a lot of interest. Evernote is an impressive and affordable tool to help manage our research. If you missed the meeting you can download the handout on the Speakers Handouts page at SAGS Support. You’ll find even more Evernote tips and ideas at Denise’s Moultrie Creek Gazette.

The after-the-show show began with a tour of SAGS Support – our members-only website. From there we got a demonstration of the new Genealogy Gophers book search site. This site will search a number of online libraries for information on your ancestors and/or the area where they once lived. For those who asked which libraries were included in their searches, here’s the information on their site.

We obtained the initial 80,000 (plus) digitized books in our library from FamilySearch in a partnership we have with them. They obtained them in conjunction with their partner institutions, including (these are listed on the FamilySearch website):
  1. Allen County Public Library

  2. Brigham Young University Harold B. Lee Library

  3. Brigham Young University Idaho David O. McKay Library

  4. Brigham Young University Hawaii Joseph F. Smith Library

  5. Church History Library

  6. Family History Library

  7. Houston Public Library – Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research

  8. Mid-Continent Public Library – Midwest Genealogy Center

  9. Historical Society of Pennsylvania

  10. Onondaga County Public Library We’ve obtained more than 100,000 digitized books in total from FamilySearch and will be gradually adding them to the 80,000 books already available in the GenGophers online library, once we’ve indexed and readied them for searching. We’re putting our crawlers to work In addition to the digitized books we’ve licensed and receive from FamilySearch and its partners, we’re also gathering tens of thousands of more genealogy books from and other free book sources on the Internet. Our crawlers should soon be out searching the web for more content for you.


If you have questions, ideas or tips related to any of today’s topics, hit the Comment button at the bottom of this message or follow the link to this post on SAGS Support and get the discussion going.

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