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Military Records

Coast Guard Cutter Tampa Deaths 1918

This information is provided by the St. Augustine Genealogical Society for research purposes only. 

This information was transcribed by a member of the St. Augustine Genealogical Society and posted to the Rootsweb site for the Society years ago.  The Society Rootsweb site is no longer in existence.  The name of the person who transcribed the information and the date of transcription is unknown.

List of officers and men killed in encounter with the enemy on the night of September 26, 1918, when the Coast Guard Cutter TAMPA was destroyed in the Bristol Channel, supposedly by enemy torpedo and was lost with all hands.


ADAMS, James Jenkins – Cabin StewardMrs. Amelia Brown (Mother)


Key West, Florida


AGEE, Robert Leake – FiremanMrs. Eunice Melvin Agee (Mother)


Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


MISSOURIBELL, Earle Clarke – Acting Assistant Master-at-ArmsThomas Hanley Bell (Father)


Dover, Florida


FLORIDABEVINS, Algy Knox – Water TenderMrs. Minnie Almira Bevins (Mother)


Davenport, Florida


FLORIDABEVINS, Arthur Lee – FiremanMrs. Minnie Almira Bevins (Mother)


Davenport, Florida


PENNSYLVANIABOTHWELL, Roy Ackerman – Second LieutenantThomas E. Bothwell (Father)


Brooklyn, N.Y.


NEW YORKBOUZEKIS, John – SeamanMrs. Theokliti Bouzekis – (Mother)


Pashalimani, Greece


GREECEBOZEMAN, Leonard Richardson – SeamanMrs. Emma Christine Bozeman – (Mother)


Tampa, Florida


FLORIDABOZEMAN, William Richard – Acting Machinist, First ClassMrs. Nora M. Bozeman (Mother)


Tampa, Florida


FLORIDABRITTON, Johnnie – Ordinary SeamanMrs. Lizzie Britton – (Mother)


Charleston, South Carolina


SOUTH CAROLINABURNS, Roy Wallace – FiremanMrs. Lydia Burns – (Mother)


Brockton, Massachusetts


MASSACHUSETTSBUSHO, Alfonso Joseph – SeamanMrs. Katherine Busho – (Mother)


Sault Ste Marie, Michigan


MICHIGANCAMPBELL, Arthur Robert – SeamanMrs. Mary Ann Campbell – (Mother)


Brooklyn, New York


NEW YORKCARMICHAEL, Herman – Boy, First ClassMrs. Estelle Carmichael – (Mother)


Tampa, Florida


FLORIDACARR, John Thomas – First Lieutenant of EngineersMrs. Marie M. Carr – (Wife)


Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts


MASSACHUSETTSCLEMENTS, William Benson – Acting Electrician, First ClassMrs. Annie A. Hicks – (Grandmother)


Boston, Massachusetts


MASSACHUSETTSCONNELL, Walter Randolph – Boy, First ClassMrs. Mary C. Connell – (Mother)


Tampa, Florida


FLORIDACOOKE, Stanley Shields – Acting CoxswainMrs. Annie S. Cooke – (Mother)


Denver, Colorado


COLORADOCORDOVA, Richard Edward – SeamanJ.J. Cordova – (Brother)


Key West, Florida


FLORIDACREAMER, Frank William – SeamanHarry A. Creamer – (Brother)


Brooklyn, New York


NEW YORKCYGAN, Joseph – Master-at-ArmsMrs. Josephine Cygan – (Mother)


New Bedford, Massachusetts


MASSACHUSETTSDANIELS, Benjamin Nash – Machinist, First ClassMrs. Fannie I. Daniels – (Wife)


Baltimore, Maryland


NORTH CAROLINADARNOU, Jules Garnier – GunnerMrs. Catherine Darnou – (Wife)


Tampa, Florida


ILLINOISDEASY, Arthur Joseph – Acting QuartermasterMrs. Catherine L. Deasy – (Mother)


Brooklyn, New York



DECHRIT, Charles – Ordinary SeamanNo Next of KinCONNECTICUT

DEERING, William Francis – FiremanMrs. Catherine Deering – (Mother)


Boston, Massachusetts


MASSACHUSETTSDORGAN, Edgar Francis – SeamanMrs. Emillie Dorgan – (Mother)


Long Island, New York


NEW YORKDOYLE, Gllbert James – SeamanMrs. Jennie C. Doyle – (Mother)


Brooklyn, New York


NEW YORKEARP, James Marsden – Second LieutenantMrs. Bertha L. Earp – (Wife)


Baltimore, Maryland


MARYLANDEMERSON, Albert Cecil – Boy, First ClassMartha E. Emerson – (Sister)


Tampa, Florida


FLORIDAEVANS, Herrick Leopold – Boy, First ClassMrs. Isabelle Major – (Step-Mother)


Key West, Florida


FLORIDAFAUST, Clarence Milton – Ordinary SeamanMrs. Leona Faust – (Mother)


Chicago, Illinois


INDIANAFELTON, William Leonard – Ordinary SeamanMrs. Carrie E. Felton – (Mother)


Key West, Florida


FLORIDAFINCH, Norman Wood – SeamanMrs. Mary R. Finch – (Mother)


Springfield, Massachusetts


MASSACHUSETTSFLEURY, James Marconnier – SeamanMrs. Rosa M. Fleury – (Mother)


Jamaica, New York


NEW YORKFONCECA, Peter – Boy, First ClassMrs. Carolina Fonceca – (Mother)


New Bedford, Massachusetts


MASSACHUSETTSFROST, James Alexander, Jr. – Third LieutenantJames A. Frost – (Father)


Brooklyn, New York


NEW YORKGALVIN, Charles Emmitt – Acting-Master-at- ArmsMrs. Mary E. Galvin – (Mother)


Tampa, Florida


FLORIDAGARRETT, Frank Charles – Water TenderJasper Garrett – (Father)


Flip, Missouri


KENTUCKYGREENWALD, Charles Edward – Steerage CookHenry Greenwald – (Brother)


Albany, New York


NEW YORKGRIFFITHS, George Henry – Acting Electrician – Second ClassMrs. Carolina A. Griffiths – (Mother)


Long Island, New York


NEW YORKHANSEN, Hans – QuartermasterMrs. Anna Hansen – (Mother)


Hvitemolle, Sweden


SWEDENHARRIS, Arthur Thomas – Acting CoxswainJane Harris – (Sister)


Brooklyn, New York


NEW YORKHARRISON, Otto Guenerious – FiremanMrs. Gyda L. Harrison – (Mother)


Long Island, New York


NEW YORKHASTINGS, William Pizza – FiremanMrs. Rebecca J. McKinney – (Sister)


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


VIRGINIAHAUGHLAND, Harold – SeamanHellemund M. Haughland – (Father)


Bergen, Norway


NORWAYHEALY, John Francis – Acting Signal QuartermasterMrs. Bridget Healy – (Mother)


Brooklyn, New York


PENNSYLVANIAHICKEY, William – BoatswainMrs. Lenna E. Hickey – (Wife)


Boston, Massachusetts


SCOTLANDHOLLAND, William – Boy, First ClassMrs. Elizabeth Holland – (Mother)


Newark, New Jersey


NEW JERSEYHOLSTEIN, Hubert – Electrician Third ClassMrs. Jennie Holstein – (Mother)


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


PENNSYLVANIAHUTTON, Maurice James – CookMrs. Elanora Hutton – (Mother)


Washington, D.C.


DISTRICT OF COLUMBIAIRSH, Harold Benjamin – Coal HeaverMrs. Mary B. Irsh – (Mother)


Hartford, Connecticut


CONNECTICUTJOHANSON, Hans Ivar – Machinist, First ClassMrs. Fredericka Anderson – (Mother)


Bohusland, Sweden


SWEDENJOHNSON, Carl Ivar – Ordinary SeamanPete Johnson – (Father)


Regan, Nebraska


NEBRASKAKELLEHER, Edward W. – Oilier, First ClassJ. D. Kelleher – (Father)


Maxwell, Nebraska


NEBRASKAKLINGELHOEFER, Charles Henry – CarpenterMrs. Eva Klingelhoefer – (Mother)


Baltimore, Maryland


MARYLANDKNUDSEN, Wilhelm – Acting MachinistMrs. Marie N. Knudsen – (Mother)


Copenhagen, Denmark


DENMARKKOSINSKI, John Cleslw – CoxswainStelle Saierska – (Friend)


Baltimore, Maryland


MARYLANDLANE, Bert Hunter – Boy, First ClassMrs. Ruby D. Lane – (Step-Mother)


Lakeland, Florida


FLORIDALARSEN, Ludvig Andres – Master-at-ArmsSyvert Larsen – (Father)


Kristiansand, Norway


NORWAYLAWRENCE, Clement Miner – Acting QuartermasterWilliam M. Lawrence – (Father)


New York, New York


NEW YORKLAYMAN, Shelby Westen – SeamanMrs. Amanda V. Layman – (Mother)


Rincyville, Kentucky


KENTUCKYLIEB, Joseph – SeamanMrs. Flora Lieb – (Mother)


Brooklyn, New York


MAC LEAN, Angus Nelson – FiremanMrs. Henrietta Mac Lean – (Mother)


Sneads, Florida


FLORIDAMANSFIELD, Frederick – FiremanMrs. Julia L. Mansfield – (Mother)


Tampa, Florida


FLORIDAMANSFIELD, Percy – Boy, First ClassMrs. Julia L. Mansfield – (Mother)


Tampa, Florida


FLORIDAMC GOURTY, John Farrell – Second LieutenantMrs. Mildred C. McGourty – (Wife)


New London, Connecticut


MASSACHUSETTSMEHALATOS, Gerassemos – Oilier, First ClassMrs. Marie Mehalatos – (Wife)


Cephalonia, Greece


GREECEMILLER, John Fred – CoxswainMiss Irene Cooney – (Foster Sister)


Jamaica, New York


ENGLANDMYERS, Harold – Boy, First ClassMrs. Altia Myers – (Mother)


St. Petersburg, Florida


FLORIDANELSON, Ben – Acting Water TenderMrs. Annia Ritland – (Mother)


Elroy, Wisconsin


WISCONSINNEWELL, William Foster – Electrician, Third ClassMrs. Sarah T. Newell – (Mother)


Jacksonville, Florida


FLORIDANIX, Jacob Darling – Ship’s WriterMrs. Amanda E. Nix – (Mother)


Estelle, South Carolina


SOUTH CAROLINANOBLES, Wesley James – Boy, First ClassMrs. Calar M. Nobles – (Mother)


Gasparilla, Florida


FLORIDANORWOOD, Robert – Boy, First ClassMrs. Alma Penn Norwood – (Mother)


San Antonio, Texas


TEXASPARKIN, Charles Walter – Boy, First ClassMrs. Annie E. Parkin – (Mother)


Greystone, Rhode Island


ENGLANDPOPPELL, Felix George – SeamanMrs. Isabella t. Poppell – (Mother)


Quay, Florida


FLORIDAPOULSEN, Anders – Assistant Master-at-ArmsMrs. Signe Poulson – (Mother)


Voer, Denmark


DENMARKQUIGLEY, Frank Hugh – Acting Carpenter, Second ClassMrs. Annie E. Quigley – (Mother)


Wallingford, Connecticut


CONNECTICUTREYNOLDS, William Henry – SeamanMrs. Aurelia Reynolds – (Mother)


Sanderson, Florida


FLORIDARICHARDS, John Irving – SeamanEdward H. Richards – (Father)


Dorchester, Massachusetts


MASSACHUSETTSROBERTS, Perry – CookMrs. Maria E. Bamus – (Cousin)


Key West, Florida


MASSACHUSETTSROBERTSON, Robert Green – Boy, First ClassMrs. Fannie Robertson – (Mother)


Birmingham, Alabama


ALABAMAROSS, Jimmie – Boy, First ClassJoe Gerry Ross – (Father)


Tampa, Florida


FLORIDASALDARINI, Alexander Louis – Acting QuartermasterMrs. Bertha Saldarini – (Mother)


Union Hill, New Jersey


NEW JERSEYSARKIN, Michael – SeamanMrs. Lena Sarkin – (Mother)


South Framingham, Massachusetts


MASSACHUSETTSSATTERLEE, Charles – CaptainC.A. Satterlee – (Father)


Gales Ferry, Connecticut



SEALLY, Archibald Howard – First LieutenantMrs. Camille W. Seally – (Wife) – Seattle, WashingtonMARYLAND

SCHWEGLER, Paul Bartley – SeamanMrs. Ida E. Schwegler


(Mother) – Washington, D.C.


MISSOURISCOTT, Francis Richard – FiremanMrs. Ida Scott – (Mother)


Muskegon, Michigan


MICHIGANSHANAHAN, Edward Francis – Acting BaymanMrs. Anna Shanahan – (Mother)


Jersey City, New York


NEW JERSEYSLIKLEN, Irving Alexander – Boy, First ClassMrs. Margerite A. Slicken – (Mother)


New York, New York


NEW YORKSMITH, John – CoxswainMrs. Suzana Smith – (Mother)


Libau, Russia


RUSSIASUMNER, Homer Bryan – SeamanMrs. Mittie R. Brummer – (Mother)


Tampa, Florida


FLORIDASUMNER, Wamboldt – Acting Ship’s WriterMrs. Mittie R. Brummer – (Mother)


Tampa, Florida


FLORIDATALLEY, John Edgar – FiremanMrs. Sallie E. Talley – (Mother)


Oakhurst, Florida


FLORIDATAYLOR, Joseph Frank – Electrician, First ClassMrs. Anna J. Taylor – (Mother)


Cambridge, Massachusetts


MASSACHUSETTSTHOMAS, Louis Avery – SeamanMrs. Sarah E. Thomas – (Mother)


Charleston, South Carolina


SOUTH CAROLINATHOMPSON, Charles Henry – Boy, First ClassMrs. Mary E. Thompson – (Mother)


Key West, Florida


FLORIDATENNESON, Harold – CoxswainMrs. Anna C. Carlson – (Sister)


Brooklyn, New York


NORWAYVALLON, Julius Maxim – FiremanMrs. Katherine D. Vallon – (Mother)


New York, New York


NEW YORKVAUGHAN, Louis Franklin – Acting YeomanMrs. Eilon Vaughan – (Mother)


Tampa, Florida


FLORIDAWALPOLE, Norman – Acting QuartermasterMrs. Margaret R. Walpole – (Mother)


Weehawken, New Jersey


NEW JERSEYWEBB, Paul – Boy, First ClassMrs. Veronica Webb – (Mother)


St. Petersburg, Florida


FLORIDAWEECH, William – Wardroom StewardMrs. Freddie Weech – (Mother)


Key West, Florida


FLORIDAWILEY, Justin Plummer – Acting WheelmanMrs. Agnes Gubian – (Mother)


Dorchester, Massachusetts


MASSACHUSETTSWILKES, Francis LeRoy – SeamanMrs. Ida M. Wilkes – (Mother)


Nantucket, Massachusetts


MASSACHUSETTSWILKIE, James Christopher – Steerage CookMrs. Hattie E. Wilkie – (Wife)


Charleston, South Carolina


SOUTH CAROLINAWILLIAMS, William James – FiremanMrs. Charlotte A. Williams – (Mother)


Muskegon, Michigan


MICHIGANWYMAN, Fred Wesley – Acting Water TenderOtis E. Wyman – (Brother)


Concord, New Hampshire


NEW HAMPSHIRETETER, Haley Howard – Assistant Surgeon – U.S.N.R.FMrs. Sarah Teter – (Mother)


Coshoctie, Ohio


NONE REPORTEDHOFFMAN, David – Ensign, U.S.N.R.FMrs. D. Hoffman – (Mother)


Boston, Massachusetts


NONE REPORTEDREAVELY, Edward – Ensign,  U.S. NAVYMrs. A. E. Little – (Sister)


Bould, Illinois


NONE REPORTEDDALTON, Carl Lewis – Pharmacist’s Mate, Second Class, U.S. NAVYLycurgus E. Dalton – (Father)


Gastonia, George



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