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St. Augustine Cathedral Parish Deaths 1784-1809

Death Records

This information is provided by the St. Augustine Genealogical Society for genealogical research purposes only.

St. Augustine Catholic Parish Death Records Book II Masters Translation for period 1784-1809.  Taken from a listing compiled by Irene S. Hamilton from records located at the St. Augustine Historical Society. The information was transcribed by C. Mack Wills Oct 2009.

Names are spelled as in the original listing.  the only reference is to Volume 3 1784-1809.

Name of Spouse @Parents: @ indicates parent of an individual.  The spouse does not have this prefix. Key: w/o is wife of; s/o is son of; d/o is daughter of; inf/o is infant of; ch/o is child of.

LLEBRES, Francisca

Birth Date: Not Available

Death Date: 21 Aug 1791

Age at Death: Not Available

Burial Place: Not Available

Name of Spouse @Parents: Not Available

Notes: @ Santiago & Catalina Barber

Church Record: St. Augustine Cathedral Parish Deaths 1784-1809

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