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St. Ambrose Parish Deaths 1919-1965

Death Records

This information is provided by the St. Augustine Genealogical Society for genealogical research purposes only.

St. Ambrose Parish Death Records 1919 – 1965 from records at the St. Augustine Historical Society.  The information was compiled by C. Mack Wills in March 2010.

Includes the name of deceased and age where known, date of death, location of burial and name of spouse where known.

Name of Spouse @Parents: @ indicates parent of an individual.  The spouse does not have this prefix. Key: w/o is wife of; s/o is son of; d/o is daughter of; inf/o is infant of; ch/o is child of.

BYRD, Thomas Randolph (Age 15)

Birth Date: Not Available

Death Date: 5 Apr 1963

Age at Death: Not Available

Burial Place: St. Ambrose

Name of Spouse @Parents: Not listed

Notes: Not Available

Church Record: St. Ambrose Parish Deaths 1919-1965

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