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St. Augustine Cathedral Parish Baptisms 1801-1815

Birth Records

This information is provided by the St. Augustine Genealogical Society for genealogical research purposes only.

Catholic Parish White Baptisms 1800-1816 from St. Augustine Cathedral Parish Baptism Records Book III – focus list records taken from a listing compiled by Irene S. Hamilton from records in the St. Augustine Historical Society library. The information was transcribed by C. Mack Wills in October 2009.

Note: Although the list is titled Baptism Records, it only has the birth date of the individual. Presumably, as in the Roman Catholic Church, a newborn child was baptised the same day it was born.

JOANEDA, Andres (Toaneda)

Birth Place: Not available

Baptism Date: Not available

Confirmation Date: Not available

Confirmation Place: Not available

Parents: Not available

St. Augustine Cathedral Parish Baptisms 1801-1815

Ref No./Page Entry No.: 246/208-378

Birth Date: 14 Oct 1805

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