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Minorcan Baptisms 1768-1784

Birth Records

This information is provided by the St. Augustine Genealogical Society for genealogical research purposes only.

From The Golden Book of Minorcans, baptism records for the period 1768 – 1784 from the records prepared by William T. Baker Jr. The information was indexed by SAGS member C. Mack Wills in September 2009.

Be aware that some names are spelled differently for the same person in different sections. The source volume also shows the name of the godparents and other pertinent information. Reference numbers 70 thru 100 were not used by the transcriber of the original listing.

ARNANDEZ, Margarita Catarina

Birth Place: Not available

Baptism Date: 8 Sep 1783

Confirmation Date: Not available

Confirmation Place: Not available

Parents: ARNANDEZ, Martin & GOMILLA, Darateo

Minorcan Baptisms 1768-1784

Reference: 467

Birth Date: Aug 1783

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