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Death Records

St. Johns County Deaths 1900-1949

This information provided by the St. Augustine Genealogical Society for genealogical research purposes only.

St. Johns County Deaths 1900-1949 was compiled by C. Mack Wills and updated 04 Aug 2007.

Duplicates and questions may be found.  Bakerville probably is Bakersville! Some cemetery names have changed!

Name of Spouse @Parents: @ indicates parent of an individual.  The spouse does not have this prefix. Key: w/o is wife of; s/o is son of; d/o is daughter of; inf/o is infant of; ch/o is child of. Those marked with ** are from the listing of “Colored Deaths” in St. Johns County Public Health Unit.

WILLIAMS, Evelyn (Death Register

Death Date: 7 Dec 1944

Burial Place:


Birth Date:

Source of Record: St. Johns County Deaths 1900-1949

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