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St. Augustine Cathedral Baptisms 1594-1649

Birth Records

This information is provided by the St. Augustine Genealogical Society for genealogical research purposes only.

St. Augustine Baptisms from Cathedral Archives First Separate Book of Baptisms 1594-1649.  A typewritten list transcribed by Elizabeth T. Galipeau possibly located at the St. Augustine Historical Society. The information was transcribed by C. Mack Wills Feb-March 2010.

Some last names were listed on the schedule with the article “De” and sometimes without, so both spellings should be checked. spelling of some names of is different in some instances for the same person, so variations in this spelling should be checked.


Birth Place: Not available

Baptism Date: 24 Jan 1619

Confirmation Date: Not available

Confirmation Place: Not available

Parents: DE URANA, Domingo DE MORALES, Maria

St. Augustine Cathedral Baptisms 1594-1649

Source Page: 61

Birth Date: Not available

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