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What's New in Family Tree Maker


For our February 11, 2023 General Meeting Mark Olsen will join us by ZOOM for a live Q and A discussion to answer all your questions about Family Tree Maker, the latest version, updates, features and more. This is an interactive session. We love to see you and discuss all your Family Tree Maker questions. We will discuss the recently released 24.1 update and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  

We will also discuss Family Tree Maker partner products - Charting Companion and Family Book Creator - both are amazing plug-ins that can help you create incredible charts, graphs, and books. 

For a lucky door prize winner, a copy of Family tree Maker 2019 will be available!

For all others, a handout will be available that shares a discount link for Family Tree Maker.

This class is for all levels of genealogists whether you are just getting started or very experienced.

Topics Mark will discuss include:

  • What is Family Tree Maker

  • How to start using Family Tree Maker

  • The seven workspaces of FTM

  • Some of the main features (not in order)

    • Customize View

    • Add people

    • Add facts

    • Color Coding

    • Filter

    • Split Trees 

    • Merge Trees 

  • Syncing with Ancestry

  • Publishing with Charting Companion and Family Book Creator 

  • A light overview of the 24.1 Update

  • How to get Family Tree Maker or update to 24.1

  • Main Features of the update

    • TreeVault Media and subscription options

    • Smart Weather sentences 

    • Detailed Change log

    • Sync smart cropped profile pictures

    • Link multiple people to media

    • Default Workspace

  • Resources

    • Family Tree Maker Videos

    • Companion Guide

    • Technical Support

    • FaceBook FTM User Group


Mark Olsen is the Family Tree Maker Ambassador to historical and genealogical societies around the world working to support their members as they use Family Tree Maker. Mark is a graduate of Brigham Young University and holds a bachelor’s degree in Family History with a Spanish records emphasis. He has been working in the genealogy industry since 2007 and has been the Family Tree Maker Ambassador since 2016. 

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