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Research Notes 2019-8-5

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August is not the most comfortable of months in Florida, however it is a great time to find a cool spot inside and work on your family research. The genealogy community is growing on The groups listed below are open to anyone interested in these research resources:

The SAGS Members Network and SAGS Research Desk are also full of useful information and resources to support your research effort.


One of the best ways to generate your family’s interest in their family history is blogging. It doesn’t take much to create posts that will grab their attention. The sample you see here is a Tumblr blog. The Tumblr platform is part blog, part social network and quite easy to use. Even better, it’s free. Yes, there are some special features – like the elegant blog design you see here – that will cost you, but you can still have an attractive blog at little or no cost.

Tumblr is also quite easy to use. Check out the How to Use Tumblr article on wikiHow to learn the fundamentals. There is also a free Tumblr mobile app for both iOS and Android devices.

In addition to posting photos, scanned documents, videos and other items to your Tumblr blog, you can also follow other Tumblrs to see what they are doing. You can “like” their posts, add comments and even reblog an interesting post. Check out the FloridaMemory, National Archives, and any of the genea-bloggers on Tumblr for ideas on what to post on your blog. You can also find tips, ideas and other useful information in the Storytellers Studio group on You will need to create your account before you can join the Storytellers Studio group.


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