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Research Notes 2019-12-16

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Saturday’s Christmas luncheon at Beaches was both delicious and delightful. The staff who waited on us were wonderful. They just kept adding tables as more members arrived.


While this is the time to enjoy the Christmas season with family, food and presents, it’s also a time to capture the stories, photographs and artifacts that are part of your family history. Denise May Levenick, also known as The Family Curator, has a fascinating post on how she is preserving holiday memories one year at a time. Not only is she very creative, she is also an expert on protecting family heirlooms. This is one site you will want to add to your reading list.


The genealogical magazine business is in rare form now that Family Tree Magazine is back in business. It’s got lots of competition. Today you can get Family Tree Magazine in either print ($27/year) or Kindle ($22/year) via Amazon. Moorshead Magazines offers Internet Genealogy, Your Genealogy Today and History Magazine as either print ($28/year) or PDF ($18/year) formats.

There are a number of advantages to choosing PDF editions of these magazines. Not only are they cheaper than the print editions, it’s a lot easier to keep back editions. They also support easy searching to find that article you want to read again. Easy searching goes for the Kindle editions too.

NOTE: The Morshead Magazines folks have just released the Family History Handbook 2020. It’s full of lots of genealogical goodness to help your research efforts.

You can find pocketmags online at

When you buy online you will have the option of choosing the PDF edition or a print edition. Note that the PDF edition will be delivered just a few minutes after your purchase while the print edition will take several days to arrive. There is also a PocketMags app (for iOS, Android and Kindle devices). You can purchase an issue or a subscription right in the app.


Do you have ancestors who served in World War I? If you do and want to learn more about them, you will find the Southeast Branch Library’s World War I Genealogy Study Group a great way to get started. Beginning January 7th, the study group will meet the first Tuesday of the month from 12:30 to 2:00pm at the big table in the genealogy section of the library.

The World War I Genealogy Research Guide will be the primary resource for the group. There is also a companion WWI Research blog for additional information.

If you are interested, contact Denise Olson at for more information.

Final Notes

Each new post published at SAGS Support is automatically emailed to member subscribers and/or delivered to their newsreader. Research Notes is published every Monday morning and other articles are posted during the week. Subscribers have the option to control how often these updates are delivered. Look down at the bottom of this message and you will find a Manage Subscriptions link in the fine print as you see in this example. Click it and you will be taken to the Subscription Management page. Use the Delivery Frequency column to change your delivery options from “Immediate” to either “Daily” or “Weekly”.

Sample of the “fine print” at the bottom of each post.

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To learn more, download a copy of the SAGS Support Guide.

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