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Research Notes 2018-9-17


Margaret Nicholson put on a great show to a packed house on Saturday with her presentation on her personal DNA case study. It was a fascinating trip through her research efforts and quite entertaining.

Large Crowd

We had a good number of members and visitors and added several to our membership.

It was quite a show and a delightful peek into some of the strange and wonderous things your research can discover.

Reminder . . . you can download a PDF copy of Margaret’s handout from the Speaker Handouts page  and back issues of Research Notes at SAGS Support.


This week’s project idea for October’s Family History Faire is easy, affordable and a real eye-catcher. If you are not familiar with the Flickr photo-sharing platform, now is the time to get acquainted. Flickr is more than just a photo-sharing. It’s also affordable off-site storage, a social center and a great place to find and connect with others researching the same people and places you are.

Flickr operates online via your desktop web browser and there are mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices – phones and tablets. Once you’ve set up your family photo collection, you can easily display them using your tablet or phone.

To help you get started with Flickr, we have a series of guides to show you how. You are welcome to download a PDF copy of each guide by clicking the links listed below.

  1. Flickr Photo Archive – Getting Started

  2. Flickr Photo Archive – Camera Roll

  3. Flickr Photo Archive – Search

  4. Flickr Photo Archive – Get Social with Groups


New Records at FamilySearch

FamilySearch expanded its free online archives in August 2018 with over 13 million new indexed family history records and over 13 million digital images from around the world. New historical records were added from Chile, Dominican Republic, France, Honduras, Hungary, Iceland, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine, and the United States, which includes California, Delaware, Georiga, Illinois, Missouri, North Dakota, Ohio, Texas, and Virigina. New digital images were added from BillionGraves, Italy, Peru, Russia, Louisiana, and Wales.

Find your ancestors using these free archives online, including marriage, death, church, military, and civil registration records. Millions of new genealogy records are added each month to make your search easier. If you want to see the detailed list of these collections, you will find the in the FamilySearch Blog.


More newspaper goodness from The Ancestor Hunt . . .

The most recent update from Advantage Preservation totals 534 collections from 39 states and a total number of pages exceeding 55 million! Some of the collections are small, but others have over 50 different newspaper titles. Although Advantage-Preservation gets the credit for making these available, much of the credit should go to the individual libraries, library systems, historical societies and other institutions, who do the really hard work of obtaining the funds via grants and other funding sources to digitize these old newspapers and make them available online for their patrons.  In these times where funding for digitization of old newspapers from libraries, archives and other institutions is not easy to get, those of us who want to research our genealogy through newspapers and other documents owe a large debt of gratitude to the librarians and archivists who make all of this possible.  The moral of the story is “Support your local libraries and archives!”


We are looking for Out of the Closet items for the October edition of the Ancient City Bulletin. This section gives our members an opportunity to share eureka moments, pass on a useful research tip or post a photo of an ancestor or a special heirloom.

Send your closet items to Deadline for the October edition is Monday, October 8th.


One last note . . . Storytellers Studio has moved to the MeWe network. You will need to create an account at in order to participate in this group and any others you may find interesting. There are also several impressive genealogy groups here too. What is so impressive about MeWe? This is one social network that respects your privacy. There’s no advertising and no tracking.


You can access MeWe, your timeline and any interesting groups from your desktop or using the MeWe apps (supports iOS and Android devices). It costs you nothing to create an account and participate in groups or chats. MeWe does have some premium options at a reasonable cost, but they are not required unless you want to use them. If you are familiar with Facebook, you will find MeWe a breath of fresh air.

Final Notes

Each new post published at SAGS Support is automatically emailed to member subscribers and/or delivered to their newsreader. Research Notes is published every Monday morning and other articles are posted during the week. Subscribers have the option to control how often these updates are delivered. Look down at the bottom of this message and you will find a Manage Subscriptions link in the fine print as you see in this example. Click it and you will be taken to the Subscription Management page. Use the Delivery Frequency column to change your delivery options from “Immediate” to either “Daily” or “Weekly”.

Sample of the “fine print” at the bottom of each post.

Also down at the bottom of each delivered post is a Comment button. If you would like to comment on something discussed in a post or ask a question, just click the Comment button and you will be taken online to the comment section of the post where you can share your thoughts and read what others have shared.

To learn more, download a copy of the SAGS Support Guide.

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