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Research Notes 2017-5-15

The May issue of the Ancient City Bulletin has been posted in the Library on SAGS Support. You can download this and any past issues of the Bulletin at the online library at SAGS Support. The Bulletin will also be distributed via email later today.


Is your computer up-to-date on all the latest patches and software updates? On Friday a nasty ransomware attack infected more than 70,000 Windows computers worldwide within hours. While ransom attacks usually require the user to click on a link to install the virus, this one took advantage of a vulnerability in Windows computers that hadn’t been updated recently. Microsoft regularly releases updates to fix bugs and install security patches. In this case the malware took advantage of computers that weren’t updated after the March 14th security update was released.

If you aren’t sure how to update your Windows computer, you will find detail instructions in the Microsoft Support Center. Mac users will find updates in their App Store app.


Did you know there are Revolutionary War Patriots buried in the historic Tolomato Cemetery? Recently the DAR honored another patriot by placing a marker on the grave of Francisco Ruiz del Canto y Escalona. The Tolomato Cemetery blog has photos of the dedication and Ruiz del Canto’s story. It’s surprising to discover how Spanish Florida helped the American cause during the war.


Chronicling America, the historic newspaper archive at the Library of Congress is asking users to complete a short survey to help them improve their searching and integration features. You’ll find the survey at the Library of Congress.


Flagler College maintains an online archive of photos and documents related to the college’s history. Recently they added the Henry Flagler Enterprise collection of photos and memorabilia from the Flagler era. This collection includes photos beginning in the 1860s and continuing until the 1950s. You will find photos of the Flagler family, the hotels and the Florida East Coast Railway. There are also photos from World War II when the Ponce hotel served as a U.S. Coast Guard training center.


The latest news from Family Tree Maker is that Ancestry has given them the green light to add more “test drivers” – as many as 25,000 more over the next few days. They anticipate that the public rollout could begin in the next couple of weeks. Check FTM’s Facebook Page for the latest news.

Presentation promo

Our May meeting is Saturday, May 20th, beginning at 1:00pm. Ann Staley is our speaker and her topic is the Everyday Lives of Our Ancestors. With Memorial Day coming up, the topic for this month’s short course is the American Battle Monuments Commission. See you Saturday!

Final Notes

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Sample of the “fine print” at the bottom of each post.

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