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Research Notes 2017-4-10

Join us this Saturday for our April member meeting. Lori Miranda is presenting Picture This: Family Photos and Other Piles, and What I’ve Learned.  This month’s short course shows you how Google Alerts can automate some of your research efforts. Check-in begins at 12:45pm and the meeting starts at 1:00pm.

The April 2017 issue of the Ancient City Bulletin is now ready to download. This issue and back issues are always available in the Library at SAGS Support along with speaker handouts, member guides and our digital library – a directory linking to a growing number of research articles and resources.

The National Archives has just opened their World War I online exhibit and invites you to “browse the wealth of records and information documenting the U.S. experience in this conflict, including photographs, documents, audiovisual recordings, educational resources, articles, blog posts, lectures, and events”. Included in this exhibit is more than 110,000 photographs and almost 300 reels of film related to the war thanks to an anonymous donor whose donation made this digitizing project possible. These photographs take you from the home front to the battlefield. Visit the World War I Portal to view these amazing photos and many other records, articles and educational programs.

The National Archives aren’t the only ones focused on World War I. FamilySearch has a huge collection of WWI records at both the state and federal level. They recommend you start at the Family History Research Wiki and search for World War I. That will present you with all the record sets related to the war. Each set has a cover page describing the collection, the information contained in the records and tips on how to use them in your research.


There’s been another snag in the Ancestry/FTM synchronizing saga. At the moment, the update is on hold while Ancestry and MacKiev continue stress-testing with beta testers maintaining very large trees – some as large as 163,000 people!

RootsMagic users will be happy to learn that they are also working with Ancestry to provide in-app access to Ancestry content. They are working on a TreeShare feature which makes it possible to transfer people, events, notes, source citations, and even pictures between the two systems. With Web Hints, your RootsMagic will automatically search Ancestry collections. When matches are found, you can review them in your RootsMagic app. These features will be a free update for RootsMagic 7 users and is expected before the end of April. You’ll find more details at the RootsMagic blog.


Are you looking for creative ways to share your family history? If so, you may find Twile quite interesting. Twile makes it easy to create a visual timeline of your family history full of pictures and milestone events. It’s easy to build your timeline, add photos and comments. You can add historical overlays – like the World War II overlay shown here – to show how your family milestones fit into history.


My first concern was privacy. When you build a timeline, you control it and you decide who can view it. Next question . . . what does it cost? Nothing. This is a easy and fun way to grab your family’s attention.

Follow this link ( to view the introductory video. You can also view a number of instructional videos on their Vimeo page. Visit the Twile home page to get started.


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