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To Do List

1.  Add Last Name Starts With column to Florida East Coast Railway Employees for 1912, 1922, 1936 and 1957 then convert to CSV.  1940 list already converted and live.

2.  Reformat Coast Guard Cutter .  In Word, add tabs so can be imported as collection.  Text from SAGSSupport pasted to a static page needs reformatting also.  Actually al the Military Records could use some formatting.

3.  Funeral Home Obit Indexes.  Only Watts loaded.  Others need columns added for last name starts with and funeral home.  Notes and cemetery fields that are blank need a couple of spaces so that the text field in Wix shows blank.  Otherwise the default text "I am a paragraph..." is displayed.  Could also replace blank cemetery with "Not available" and blank notes with "None".

4.  Add Funeral Home Obituary Index lookup by Funeral Home.  On By Name page, link name of each funeral home to dynamic page listing only names from that home.

5. St Johns County Deaths need Last Name Starts with column.  Replace blank dates with "no date", replace blank cemetery with "not available, replace blank notes with "None".  For deaths 1900-1949 and 1950-2004. 1800-1899 complete and loaded.

6.  Church Death Records for deaths from St. Augustine Cathedral, Trinity Presbyterian, Minorican.  Add Last Name Starts columns.  Add other columns to align to Church Death Records collection - Burial, Notes, First Name.  Fill other columns with "Not available" to avoid blank fields.  These will be added to Church Death Records collection.  

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